How Effective is Your Content Marketing?

As a new, self-proclaimed solopreneur, I’ve definitely hit a few bumps along the road to success. It’s been a long and winding journey, complete with bumps, potholes, dead ends, serial killer hitchhikers - you name it! It’s scary out there! However, I’m a true believer in learning from your failures.

I’ve learned quite a bit from dealing with these setbacks over the past few months. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take my words of advice, process them, and - if you don’t totally agree with what I’m saying - you’ll ignore my advice and go out and try and fail, yourself. Which is okay!

But if you’re not as stubborn or as skeptical as me, here’s lesson number one: Invest in the technology and tools you need to run your business!


The Importance of Technology in Inbound Marketing 

I’ve always been a frugal marketer. When you’ve spent the majority of your career working for startups, you’re used to figuring things out on your own and doing a little bit of manual labor. It’s not always ideal, but I’m used to it - especially when it comes to social media and content marketing.

Explaining the value of social media and the need for better social media technology has always been a challenge for me. The funny thing about content, however, is that pretty much everybody knows the value of it.

According to these stats from HubSpot,

“Companies that published 16 or more blog posts per month got about 4.5X more leads than companies that published four or fewer blog posts per month.”


Only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing,”


55% of B2B marketers aren’t sure what success nor effectiveness would look like.”

One of the most common problems I see in content marketing is the failure to measure and analyze content performance. The demand for more content puts pressure on marketing teams, so they rush to push content out the door just so they can move on to their next piece of content.

“More, more, more,” may seem like an efficient content strategy to some, but without properly promoting that content or measuring how well it performed, you’re basically just… SCREWED!

(You get what I’m trying to say here.)

How Can We Be More Effective at Content Marketing? 

I’m sure most marketers agree, but who has time for all that after all the time spent researching, planning, creating, distributing, etc.? The thing is, in order for content marketing to be effective, we NEED to measure and analyze the results, so we can adapt and improve!

One way to make time is by streamlining your processes and cutting out the manual labor involved in planning and managing production. I’ve been DYING to try content management platforms like Kapost and Contently, but they’re a little out of “solopreneur” Nat’s budget. I’ve tried a few other tools for project management, but nothing that specifically manages content and social media… until today! 

Allow Me to Introduce, CoSchedule

Today, I signed up for a free trial of CoSchedule. CoSchedule is “the hub for your entire inbound marketing process.” It enables you to organize, manage, and perform all your content and social media marketing all on one platform. That aspect alone is helpful because it saves the time previously spent switching back and forth between where content is stored and sharing it across social networks.

CoSchedule’s All-In-One Editorial Calendar:

Everything in CoSchedule is centered around the content calendar. That’s one calendar for everything your team is working on. This added visibility not only holds everyone on the team accountable, but it streamlines collaboration and communication - especially for distributed teams!

Plan, Publish, Promote, And Automate

The entire content marketing process is streamlined and simplified so you plan, create, and publish all your content without missing a beat. Start by inviting your whole team to collaborate within the tool. Plan content projects, schedule deadlines, and create and assign tasks associated with each new piece of content.

CoSchedule can do this because it integrates with so many of your other favorite marketing tools - Evernote, WordPress, Google Docs, and more!

CoSchedule makes content promotion easy, letting users share social posts from right within the tool. It even takes promotion one step further, by automatically resharing your top-performing content with ReQueue. 

ReQueue is the only social automation tool that uses data-driven intelligence to reshare your best messages to every major social network. It's a built-in system for social media automation/content curation, so it's a HUGE timesaver - Love it!

Prove the ROI of the work you do!

I saved the best for last! With CoSchedule’s Social Media Analytics, you can track your content's performance to see what’s working and what’s not. Not only that, but you can spot trends within your social networks and use them to plan future content. Most of all, you can prove the worth of the work you do!

So, What Else Can CoSchedule Do?

CoSchedule is affordable, user-friendly, and it will make your life so much easier! The CoSchedule calendar is AWESOME! And the streamlined workflows, integrations, and team collaboration features will save you SO MUCH TIME! I'm excited to see how much more efficient my social media and content marketing can be with CoSchedule!

See for yourself! Watch the 2-minute product overview video to see CoSchedule in-action!

OR - do what I did, and see for yourself...

Sign up for a FREE Trial of CoSchedule