How to Write Great Marketing Content

writing content

Content drives business! We need more content! Content is king!

If you’re trying to figure out how to write awesome content, you’re not alone. Everyone is talking about content.

The problem with content is that there’s just too much of it. The world is experiencing CONTENT OVERLOAD. There’s an ungodly amount of mediocre content available online. Even good or great content isn’t hard to come by. If you want to stand out, your content has to be AWESOME.

“Building a raving audience online all starts with writing EPIC SHIT. Period. Hands down. End of story.” –

But how do you know whether or not what you’re writing is awesome?

I emphasized the word writing because it’s in present tense – and it’s meant to be! I’m talking about before you analyze the data to determine how well the content was received – Before you finalize the copy – Before you send it to design – and before you share it with the world.

Before you waste time creating content that’s CRAP, try asking yourself these questions:

Why Are You Creating Content?

All I hear people saying is, “more more more more more more!” Is anyone going to stop and ask, “Why?” I don’t mean, “Why are YOU creating more content?” That answer’s obvious. You want to drive traffic to your site, so you can get new leads and generate more revenue. That’s where you have it all wrong! If you don’t have a better answer, check out my post, Start With WHY.

Who Cares?

I get it. Everyone has big dollar signs in their eyeballs. But you need to get out of that mentality, and start thinking like your customers. Who are they? What do they care about? When you’re writing new content, think about the people you’re trying to reach. Why would they want to consume it?

Is Your Content Helpful – Or Is It Complicated?

“ANYTHING on your website and in your content that doesn’t provide value right away – GET RID OF IT!” – Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Use your content to answer the tough questions and solve real problems. People don’t have time to sift through a bunch of BS to find what it is they’re looking for. If your website doesn’t have the answer, there are at least 100 other sites that do.

Is Your Content Different? 

Be controversial! Be unique! Think for yourself! If you’re saying the same damn thing that everyone else is, you’re not really saying anything at all. Have an opinion, or get lost in the noise.

Would YOU Read It?

Be your biggest critic. If your content isn’t awesome enough for you to read, then it’s not awesome enough for someone else. Figure out ways to make it better, or scrap it and start working on something that people actually care about.