What is Agile Marketing?

What is agile? Agile is an adaptive methodology for managing software development projects that focuses on iterative delivery of valuable, working software. Teams use a prioritized list of project requirements, then commit to completing the top work items in an allotted amount of time. 

When the 2-4 week time period is over, the team delivers, receives feedback from the product owner, adjusts, and commits to the next priority items on the list.

Marketing teams can use this methodology, too!

As marketers, we love coming up with a highly-detailed plan, but never follow it.

"52% of high performers extensively use agile marketing methods compared to only 6% of under-performers."

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What happens? Much of our work is randomly thrown at us – unplanned and usually time-sensitive. As a result, our projects are behind schedule and over-budget. We work nights and weekends to meet our deadline, but the quality of the final project isn’t as high as it should be.

This is just how marketing is! It’s been like this for decades. It’s never going to change. Ever.


With Agile Marketing, the original prioritized list is constantly in flux. As the marketing environment changes, your team’s goals and campaigns might change – and they should. The idea is to test, learn and adapt to continuously improve.

The Agile Marketing Manifesto:

The Agile Manifesto states, “While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.”

Check out this short video on the original Agile Manifesto (via VersionOne): 


While every marketer has valuable opinions, needs a plan, and wants to deliver a Big-Bang campaign, it’s more valuable to learn, respond to change, stay flexible and start campaigns immediately then adjust over time.

The 10 principals of Agile Marketing:

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