Outsourcing Social Media Marketing vs. Managing Social on Your Own

I recently launched this website, about two to three weeks ago. I’m not a web designer or developer, so it’s not exactly perfect. And hey - let’s be honest, the content could still use some work!

Fortunately, when it comes to website content, nothing is set in stone. I’ve updated my site’s content multiple times over the past 14 days, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! 

how much does social media management cost

In the spirit of agile marketing, I appreciate consistent and frequent feedback so I can quickly adapt and continue to improve my site. I recently received feedback about my services page - that it needed more detail. Instead of cluttering up the page, I decided to blog about it!

How much do social media services cost?

Marcus Sheridan was the inspiration behind my approach to the content offered on my Services page.

“We improved our website traffic by 10x & sales have improved 40% by using the ‘They Ask, You Answer’ philosophy. Because we stopped wasting money on advertising & truly committed to inbound marketing, our bottom line profitability has improved 300% since 2011.” - Steve Sheinkopf, Yale Appliance


A Consumer-Centric Approach to Content

“They ask, you answer,” is Marcus’s methodology for content creation. The idea is to create content that simply solves a problem for your target audience. Find out what they’re searching for, listen to their questions, and give them some answers!

What do buyers look for when they’re shopping for products and services?


Listing prices for products and services not only helps solve a problem for buyers, it earns their trust. Keeping costs hidden makes companies appear untrustworthy, and no one wins in the end.

Things to Consider Before Accepting A Business Proposal for Social Media Services

Your business goals

What is the client trying to achieve by establishing a social media presence? For example, a client may need to increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, generate leads or community engagement, or build an audience.

Social media content expectations

This includes the creation and/or curation of the images, copy, and other content which will be shared with a client’s social media networks. Of course, when a client provides the content, the cost will be much lower. That still, however, does not take into account social media monitoring or community engagement.

List of favorite social media accounts and their strategies

A client should provide a list of social accounts that they admire. What brands do they follow themselves? Combine that with the client’s top competitors and the latest social media trends, and you have yourself a good place to start.

How do you know which agency you should choose?

The problem with most social media firms, is that they focus primarily on platform and frequency of communication, rather than the content delivered. They do that because they don't understand your business or your industry enough to have relevant conversations or know what your audience cares about or.

Increasing your post frequency helps some, but there's SO MUCH CONTENT already being shared, that it all becomes white noise. It requires industry expertise, strategy, and a high level of audience understanding and community engagement.


How I’m Different

I understand that your content and your message will always be more important than frequency of communication in a business environment.

That’s why I take time getting to know your business, your industry and your competitors -  so I can share powerful insights with your target audience and represent your company in a meaningful way.

How to Create Your Own Social Media Strategy

More Frequent AND More Relevant Posting

Relevant shares are more likely to get engagement from exclusively your target audience. Find out what your audience is looking for and source that content using a news aggregator.

Content Research, Formatting and Editing

Research quality content, then use more polished communication to convey the information in a way that it’s easier to digest. This allows your ideas to be presented to your audience in a way that can be understood and appreciated fully.


Compelling Visuals Included on Every Post

Everyone’s aware of how visuals add value to written content. The same rule that applies to written content applies to other forms of content, like social media. Use stock photos as well as take your own photos and create custom graphics to increase engagement. 

Greater Social Reach Through Online Communities

Communities are where the most valuable conversations happen on social media. The two main benefits of participating in communities: the relationships you build with your high-target audience and constantly being at the top of their minds.


Want help with your social media strategy?