Serious Social Media Stats for Businesses

When social media marketing first emerged as a category, there weren’t standards for experience or expertise. Companies hired young staff and interns to “tweet and post to Facebook” but had no goals, process, or understanding of the networks they were using.

This is no longer the case. Social media marketing has grown both in popularity and importance.


3 essential components of success:

1. Centralized strategy and planning

2. Direction tied to business goals

3. Dedicated tactical execution


The Social Marketing Process

Social is now viewed a legitimate channel in the marketing mix, which means there are three distinct needs, just as there are in other areas of digital marketing, like email or web:


1. The ability to define and plan a social strategy.

2. The ability to execute on that strategy.

3. The ability to measure the success of the strategy and execution.

No marketing strategy is complete without coming full circle. In order to execute tactics, marketers have to plan a strategy, and in order to plan, they have to understand how their efforts make an impact.

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