The problem with social media today is that everyone is doing the same thing. It's time for marketers to take more risks, find fresh solutions and start something new.

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, marketers have to constantly learn and adapt to keep up with the evolving landscape. This is the biggest challenge faced by marketers today: the ability to change.

As a modern marketing professional, I'm always looking at newer, better and more interesting ways of doing things. But to be truly innovative, marketers must break free from bureaucracy, rules and regulations in business.

Social Media Marketing Captain was founded on the principles of agile project management; encouraging marketers to collaborate, adapt, and continuously improve.

It's about chartering a new course in the social media marketing world, and helping people explore their creative potential.

Go wherever inspiration leads.



Hi, I'm Natalie Jacks.

I'm an experienced content writer and social media marketer. I specialize in B2B SaaS marketing for high-growth companies, building thought leadership, cultivating community engagement and generating new business through inbound marketing.

But above all - I'm a problem solver.  

On my quest for knowledge, I've discovered this world needs more people who think for themselves. Risk-takers and adventure-seekers that break free from the norm and blaze their own trail to success.